How we act

Each year Farmamundi launches some 30 projects related to health

The long term cooperation projects are designed in collaboration with health authorities or specialized organizations in Africa and Latin American countries, where we develop projects for the access, quality and rational use of medicines, primary health care, reproductive and sexual health, maternal and child care, training for health development, water and sanitation needs, public health policies and institutional strengthening programs.

Also we support the improvement of health networks, vaccination programs, fight against endemic diseases, the assistance in the nutrition field, the transfer of pharmaceutical technologies and the upgrading of infrastructures for education and health prevention.

The projects are developed by local social organizations specialized in health, in cooperation with our own staff and, or alongside our counterparts in the local country. The implementation and monitoring of the project is supervised and accomplished in order to ensure the sustainability and continuity of operations in the beneficiary communities.

In addition, we conduct projects for humanitarian and emergency actions in which we provide for the victims of natural disasters and military conflicts nutritional and medical aid accompanied with shelters in order to provide immediate relief of extreme conditions. We mobilize our members and sponsors in order to get their support in the fundraising to buy the emergency kits and sponsorship the plan of action.