Humanitarian Logistic Department Frecuently asked questions

Here we explain everything about the operation of the Humanitarian Logistics Area of ​​Farmamundi

Farmamundi Humanitarian Logistics Department (ALH) provides essential medicines, sanitary supplies and medical equipment at cost price. As well as consulting and providing logistics service of material transport in Spain and to the final destiny. For all deliveries, we provide previous budget’s based on the required information available on our application form.

The needs of each destination should be defined by the final beneficiary. The pharmaceutical healthcare managers and the local health center have the best knowledge about local needs, quantities, and the length of treatments, present stocks, worst diseases, the population to be attended (number, age, sex) and locally provided health capabilities (in accordance to available staff, numbers and training). We should not propose supplying materials without considering the local needs and criteria’s of the destination or the recipients of the medicines. The aid beneficiary must be contact to obtain the quantified list.

For estimating the cost of transportation we require the completed application form, including:

  • Checklist of the quantified materials (specific weight and size of shipment).
  • Final destination of the shipment (define paperwork and cost).
  • The most effective transportation route.

Once we have all the details, we search for the best rates and create a budget.

For estimating the delivery time we need to know:

  • Checklist of material (to control local stock).
  • Final destination (to prepare local paperwork for the importation in the specific country).
  • Place of delivery and shipment (concerns in consideration to the type of transportation and paperwork).

If we have stock in our warehouse, the delivery time is approximately one week from the order confirmation to the delivery of the materials. In the rare case that we do not have stock, the delivery time increases, depending on material and quantities.

Each order requires time to be processed, to prepare the packaging, issue documents and export permits. The exportation paperwork is imperative for the delivery of materials and takes quite a while. Such a customs formalities are issued by The Ministry of Health (AEMPS). We must provide for each delivery request a checklist of every package, meaning that we cannot request custom paperwork until the order is completely prepared. We also have to determine the customs office for the exportation of the medicines. In the cases where the medicines are transported as luggage, the custom office is the departure airport, to the destination country.

ALH exclusively delivers the materials from their warehouses and that are delivered from reliable and certified sources. We are not allowed to place medicines next to other materials. However, we can get you in touch with our transportation agency so that other materials can be delivered in the same shipment but in different packaging. The transportation agency will ask you for an invoice or pro-forma invoice of the material, checklist packaging and donation letter claiming that the donation materials are for humanitarian aid to be used in destination and not for commercial proposes.

ALH supplies the materials along with the necessary paperwork for exportation, whether such delivery occurs in Spain or is for further shipment by the client. ALH also delivers directly to the final destination abroad, completing the shipping formalities of each material that must be included with the necessary documentation for tax purposes along with an invoice, the checklist including the description of the materials and the donation letter. In addition, the medicines delivered are accompanied with an exportation health authorization.

The Spanish Health Authorities, following the recommendations of the World Health Organization, bans the exportation of second-hand or leftover pharmaceutical aids, as it is not possible to insure their quality. This is due to the fact that they have been out of pharmaceutical control and in most cases do not include internationally recognized labels and or instructions for use in developing countries.

Further details are provided on our web page, and may be downloaded for filling in your information. Please contact the ALH Department, catalogue section and sales. Link a catalogue. As soon as we receive the completed forms, we will send you a detailed budget including prices, delivery times and package dimensions. We also accept requests by e-mail or phone.

Farmamundi’s ALH supplies materials to all organizations who give support aid to programs for under developed countries. You should request information by using our order form and a material checklist.

Through the application form available in our web page you can get additional information about the materials. For further information about the manufacturers and the material of interest, contact directly to or any of our contact addresses.

Farmamundi’s ALH ships the medicines to any destination demanded, as long as the optimal security conditions during shipment and reception of the medicines are ensured. For any questions regarding our shipments, please contact the logistical department:

To formalize the order contact the Humanitarian Logistical Department in our web page, by e-mail, fax (+34) 96 3755695 or by postal mail. We will need the detailed information about the applicant’s organization, the final destination of the material and the place of delivery. Please include the material checklist.

Farmamundi’s ALH groups together purchases from manufacturers who specialize in health care products for under developed countries. We obtain economically low cost prices due to the purchasing of large quantities of materials. Our sale price takes into account only the cost of distribution management. We do not make a profit. We provide consulting services and everything required from the exportation to the destination that is required by our clients.

When deciding where to buy the products you should take into consideration the price, the quantity and safety. To compare purchase prices ask us for a quotation. Do not hesitate to contact us without any commitment.

Each situation is different, studying each specific quotation. Shipping costs depend of the form of transportation (ocean freight, plane, or mail) and the cost relation decreases as the size of the order grows.

Our department assists both larger companies and companies with small resources. Farmamundi supplies orders from a minimum amount of 10 packages. Consult us for smaller quantities.